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Monday, February 28, 2011

A special Happileigh Scrappin' Challenge...

This week we are helping Leigh "Ring the Bell" for a special little boy named Andrew. I have had a step-son deal with cancer at the age of three and had never heard of this tradition. But, after all that children with cancer have to deal with, this would be a monumental step for them. I am proud to help tell Andrew's story.

If you missed the original story back in August, you can find it at "Hey Get Off The Mound, You Are No Bad News Bassetthound" and at "Tuesday Destination Station 106". Anyway, the tradition is (at some cancer treatment centers) that when a patient completes chemo, they get to ring the celebratory bell. Andrew recently reached this milestone. Charlene (cookiebaker) kindly shared a video of Andrew the day he got to Ring the Bell. You can find the video at this link: "Ring the Bell, Andrew".

It was a fantastic day for Andrew and for his family but, after ringing the bell, he got sick again and wound up back in the hospital fighting pneumonia and being sick from the chemo. He is home again now and facing more milestones. A clean MRI, scheduled for today, would mean he would be able to have his port removed on March 1st.

Leigh decided to head a card drive for Andrew and created a fantastic digital image of him ringing the bell. Leigh has discounted the price of her image (which you can find here) in honor of Andrew.  We want to help Andrew celebrate his oh so important milestone by sending him cards. You can purchase Leigh's digital image by visiting her website at Happileigh Scrappin' Store or, if you have any other bell image you would like to use, you can still participate. If you don't have a bell stamp, then you can make any card with something for a celebration. The deadline is set for March 15th to get your card in the mail to him.  

Rather than posting his personal information on the internet, you can contact me at for Andrew's address. On the 16th of March everyone can upload their cards to Splitcoast Stampers with a special Andrew keyword so we can all admire, and comment on, each other's cards. I can't think of a better reason to make a card than this!! So...this week's challenge theme is celebration and you can read all about it at Happileigh Scrappin' Challenge.

This is my card for Andrew:

I hope each and every one of you has a blessed day!



  1. Wonderful post Ruby, thanks for helping us promote Andrew's celebration.

  2. Love the big celebration down the side because this is what it is about!!!! Nice job as always

  3. Ruby, thanks so much for sharing both this fabulous CELEBRATION! card for Andrew AND the news of this wonderful card drive. You have such a beautiful heart! :-)


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