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Thursday, September 2, 2010

Card making materials...

Yes, I do realize that this blog is Stampers Online.  I am utilizing card making materials; will that redeem me?

I visit the Better Homes and Gardens website quite often and I am passing on this project from their website (  I saw this and a light bulb went off...they seldom do, so you better not miss this!  I have bought adhesive backed card stock and used it quite often, but this little stroke of genius never crossed my mind.

Cut your adhesive backed fabric to fit a picture frame you may have (or bought at the $ store).  Use a square punch a little larger than the area of a photo you would like to highlight.  Peel the adhesive backing off slowly attaching to frame backing and placing photos where you want them in your little square windows.  Voila!  A customized frame....and what's to stop you from further embellishing your frame.  We all have buttons, flowers, bling, etc., all over our craft rooms.

I am including a picture.....the copyright and credit belongs to Better Home and Gardens....check them out once in a while.


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