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Saturday, December 18, 2010

A challenge card...

I rushed to make this card and get it posted by Friday for a "Friday's Challenge" on another blog.  Got it done, rushed to site (early Friday afternoon) to see she had already picked winners.  Most challenges end later in the day on the day they are due....oh, well.  Lesson learned.



  1. Awww, she looks so cute with all of her bling. I have done that before, too (ended up missing a deadline when I thought I still had time). At least now you have another card ready to send to some lucky recipient!

  2. Great card Ruby! She is darling. Don't feel bad: I've done the same thing..made a card and the challenge had already closed! Time just seems to go by fast for me and I get behind.

  3. Love it Ruby! The image is too darling :) Sucks that you didnt make the deadline! Oh well, next time?

  4. Hi Ruby....I'm so sorry that the deadline closed before you could submit your lovely card....I live in Scotland you see and we're infront of all of you lovely ladies in America!!! I've given everyone two weeks for last week's Friday Freebie Challenge because of the holidays so maybe you could work some magic on the Pierot Clown image?!

    Your card is lovely and I love the different colours in her hair..reminds me of me!! I've been EVERY colour imagineable...sometimes on purpose too!!!

    FairyD x


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